The Neil Diamond - First Generation
The Neil Diamond - First Generation

The Neil Diamond - First Generation

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From deep within the earth’s mantle, this little morsel was discovered by Jurassic Park’s most respected and renowned archaeologists (we’re talking about the first Jurassic Park; none of this Jurassic World BS). Harvesting this precious stone took many years, and countless costly resources. Entire forests were stripped and burned to the ground. Local native people were exploited until death for their cheap labour. Trillions of (borrowed) Euros were spent. Gallons of blood spilled. And as the final pieces were uncovered on that cold, rainy morning…it turns out they weren’t actually that good. We were just digging up old, dried pieces of cow poo. 

So we decided to scrap all that and just machine them from aluminium. Was much easier in the end.

Material: 6061 aluminium
Height: 53mm (2.1in)
Maximum width: 57mm (2.2in)
Weight: 203g (0.45lbs)

ⓘ Now listen up! This is a FIRST GENERATION product. It is only compatible with First Generation adapters and First Generation shift boot retainers. First Generation products are NOT compatible with PLUS+ adapters or PLUS+ shift boot retainers. Still confused? If you stick to the following rules, you won’t have any issues:

- PLUS+ products only work with other PLUS+ products.
- First Generation products only work with other First Generation products.

To learn more about the difference between PLUS+ and First Generation products, please read our FAQs.

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