I want to buy a Likewise shifter or extension but I don’t know where to start.

The first thing you'll need to confirm is whether our products will fit your vehicle. To do that, you'll need to find out if we make an adapter for the year, make, model and transmission (automatic/manual) of the car you drive. But what the hell is an adapter, you ask? See below!

What is an adapter and do I need one?

Yes - every single Likewise shifter or extension will need one of our adapters to attach to your vehicle. Without an adapter, our products will not fit. We make many different types of adapters that suit a wide variety of vehicles. If you don’t know what adapter you need, start with our Fitment charthere

What if my vehicle isn't on your Fitment chart?

This just means that we're probably not familiar with your vehicle. This doesn’t mean we can’t help you though - you'll just need to contact us with more detail. When contacting us, please include the year, make, model and transmission (automatic/manual) of your vehicle.

Do your shifters and extensions work with automatics?

If you have a button on your automatic shifter, our adapters will not work. If you don't have a button on your automatic shifter AND the shifter unscrews, we may be able to help! Please visit our Fitmentchart to determine whether we have already identified your car, or get in touch for help.

Will your shifters work with my reverse lockout?

It depends! If your vehicle has a reverse lockout and is listed in our Fitmentchart, you’re good to go cowboy! On the other hand, if your vehicle has a reverse lockout but isnotlisted in ourFitmentchart, you’ll need to send us some photos to investigate.

Why are your products ‘show use only’? Are they safe to use daily?

Please refer to ourTerms and Conditions. We cannot control how our products are used once the product leaves our hands, but the intent of our products is made clear on our website. Please email us if you require more information.

Can I order a product in a specific colour?

Unfortunately not. The colours on our store are the only colours that we currently stock. We often have limited edition releases of specific colours but these are only available until sold out.

Can you make a 'one-off' version of your products?

No, we do not offer custom versions of our products.

If I pay you extra money to make a custom one-off colour or product, can you do it?

No, we do not offer custom versions of our products.


What is the PLUS+ system?

PLUS+ is our newest generation adapter system which takes our shifters, adapters and shift boot retainers and brings them all together. The PLUS+ system allows these products to be combined like never before, featuring adapters that are stronger and easier to install, and shift boot retainers that are compatible with most vehicles. The PLUS+ system represents the pinnacle of Likewise shifting products and the future of our designs.

What is a PLUS+ adapter?

PLUS+ adapters are our new generation of adapters. PLUS+ adapters are designed to offer a simple install, more strength and easier adjustment. PLUS+ adapters are also compatible with our new Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+.

What is a PLUS+ shifter?

PLUS+ shifters feature an internal o-ring at the base of the shifter that allows compatibility with the Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+. PLUS+ shifters also feature a deeper internal thread that allows maximum thread engagement.

What is a Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+?

The Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+ is a new generation shift boot retainer. The Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+ features a wide internal bore making it compatible with shifter assemblies up to 19mm in diameter. Please refer to ourfitment guidefor more details.

I want to buy a PLUS+ shifter. Do I need to buy a PLUS+ adapter?

Yes, to get all the benefits of the PLUS+ system including compatibility with the Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+, you will need to purchase a PLUS+ adapter with a PLUS+ shifter.

Can I use the Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+ on the Collar Adapter PLUS+?

No. Vehicles that use the Collar Adapter PLUS+ do not require a shift boot retainer.

What size threads are used on the Thread Adapter PLUS+?

The Thread Adapter PLUS+ uses an outer thread of M20x1.5mm. The inner thread sizes are: M8x1.25mm, M10x1.25mm, M10x1.5mm, M12x1.25mm, M12x1.5mm, M12x1.75mm, 5/16"-18, 3/8"-16, 7/16"-20, 1/2"-20 and 9/16"-18.

What size threads are used on the Clamp Adapter PLUS+?

The Clamp Adapter PLUS+ uses an outer thread of M20x1.5mm. Please note, the inside of the Clamp Adapter PLUS+ is not threaded. It is designed to clamp onto your shifter assembly. The inner diameters are: 10mm, 12mm and 14mm.

What size threads are used on the Collar Adapter PLUS+?

The Collar Adapter uses an outer thread of M20x1.5mm. The inner thread size is M12x1.25mm.

What size Thread Adapter PLUS+ do I need?

This varies from car to car, but a quick Google search for "[YOUR CAR] shift knob thread" should answer your question. You can also check ourFitmentchart that covers a range of makes and models. If you have searched and can’t find any information about what size you need (and you promise that you've tried reeeeeally hard), please contact us for help.

You don’t make a Thread Adapter PLUS+ that will fit my car. Can you help?

Unfortunately we do not make custom adapters for other thread sizes, but feel free to contact us to see if this adapter will be made in the future.

I don’t like the colour of the adapter I ordered. Can I get it in a different colour?

Unfortunately not - our adapters are colour coded based on their inner thread size. If you choose an adapter based on your colour preference, the adapter may not fit your vehicle. Once adapters are installed, they are not visible. Adapters that are visible once installed are only available in black.

Ah! My Thread Adapter PLUS+ is stuck inside my shifter/extension! How do I get it out?

The Thread Adapter PLUS+ has a 16mm hex on the base. If the adapter is stuck inside a shifter/extension, simply use a low-profile 16mm socket to unscrew the adapter. Once removed, please follow ourinstall tutorialso this doesn't happen again.


What is a shift boot retainer?

A shift boot retainer connects the top of your shift boot to the base of your shifter. This gives the shift boot a really clean appearance and improves the overall look of your new shifter.

Do I need a shift boot retainer?

You may as well ask us if you need one of those caps with a propeller on the top. WE DON'T KNOW! If you shift boot is flapping in the breeze and isn't connected to anything above your shifter, you probably need one.

What is a Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+?

The Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+ is a new generation shift boot retainer. The Shift Boot Retainer PLUS+ features a wide internal bore making it compatible with shifter assemblies up to 19mm in diameter. Please refer to our fitment guide for more details.

What is the first generation Shift Boot Retainer?

The first generation Shift Boot Retainer is compatible with shifter assemblies that fit a specific criteria. Please refer to our fitment guide for more details.

My vehicle has a reverse lockout. Can I still run a shift boot retainer?

No, you cannot use shift boot retainers on vehicles with a reverse lockout. The reverse lockoutisthe shift boot retainer.


Will the Love Button stab my thumb when I press it?

Nope. The Love Button is not used like a normal handbrake button. The Love Button should be installed after removing the spring in your handbrake. It is designed so that your thumb does not press directly onto the pointy end. You'll be fine.

Will your drift buttons work on a car that is different to those listed in the description?

No. Our drift buttons only work with the cars listed in the description (Type A: FRS/BRZ/86/WRX/Liberty and Type B: S13/S14/S15/R32/R33/R34/Cefiro/Laurel). They do not work with any other cars.


Can I use a non-Likewise shifter on any of the Likewise extensions?

No. All of our extensions have a top thread size of M20x1.5mm which is the internal size of our shifters. Only Likewise shifters will fit.

If I buy a Likewise extension, do I need a second adapter to attach a Likewise shifter?

No. Our shifters will thread directly onto our extensions without an additional adapter.

What size threads are used on Likewise extensions?

All Likewise extensions use an M20x1.5mm thread on the top and on the inside.

Do your extensions include a shifter?

No. All of our shifters are sold separately to our extensions.

What is the difference between the Suzuka Direct Thread Version and the Suzuka Adapter Version?

The Suzuka Direct Thread Version is designed to attach to your shifter assembly without the need for an adapter. The Suzuka Adapter Version requires one of our adapters. For a more detailed breakdown, please visit our explanation guide here.


Do your Imperfection Section products include a band-aid?

No, band-aids are not included. The band-aids are only shown on our website to distinguish between Imperfect and non-Imperfect products. For a similar effect, check out our Likewise Repair Kit here.

Can you send me a photo of the imperfections on the product before I place an order?

Unfortunately not. All Imperfection Section products are pre-packaged and sealed before being made available on our store. As a general rule, all Imperfect products will have minor cosmetic defects consisting of (but not limited to): small dents, colour blemishes, and/or finish imperfections. Imperfections are only cosmetic and will not affect your ability to use the product.


How much will shipping cost to my country?

Our online store will calculate shipping prices for you automatically.

Please remember that we are based on a massive desert island situated far from everyone else (Australia), and our products consequently take a long journey to get to most of our customers. We are constantly trying to minimise and reduce shipping costs and always pass these savings onto our customers. Shipping our products overseas also requires packaging that will keep them secure and safe during their journey, which results in some additional cost.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! We ship to most countries around the world.

How long does it take for my order to be packed and shipped?

All orders are usually packed and shipped within 1 to 3 business days. You will be automatically sent an email with tracking information once your order has shipped. Any possible delays in this process will be communicated with you.

Will you send me a tracking number?

Yes, we will automatically email you a tracking number when your order ships. If you have not received one, your order probably hasn't shipped yet.

How long does shipping take?

Domestic (within Australia): 2-5 business days
International: 5-7 business days

Delivery times are between metropolitan areas of major cities, excludes time in customs if applicable, and may be subject to delay due to causes outside of your postal service's control.

My tracking hasn’t updated in a while. Has my package been lost?

Probably not. If it looks like your package hasn't moved in a while, it most likely means that your package is simply working its way through the postage system, or the plane that was carrying it has crashed into the ocean (just kidding - we just like being dramatic). If you are still concerned, please contact the shipping provider first. We can only see the same tracking information that you can, so unfortunately we cannot provide more detail.


Do you have a website?

Yes. You’re on it right now actually.

Can I change my order?

Maybe. Please make sure that you email us ASAP so that we can correct your order before it is shipped.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, AfterPay, ClearPay, Sezzle, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.

Why is my card being declined?

This is usually due to a restriction set by your bank, especially if you are purchasing from outside of Australia. Usually this is easily resolved by contacting your bank. Unfortunately we do not have any control over this.


Can you sponsor me?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is almost always ‘no’. As much as we would love to sponsor everyone that asks, we are simply unable to.

How about a partial sponsorship? Or a discount?

No. We are very nice people, but we cannot give you a discount simply because you asked nicely.


Do you have any overseas retailers?

We are currently the only supplier and retailer of Likewise products.

Can I be an overseas retailer?

At this stage, unfortunately not.