The Rod Stewart Pro

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    Just like you, we like to regularly ponder the universe’s biggest questions. What is the meaning of life? Do we share our galaxy with other life forms? Is Elon Musk really a human? And, more importantly, is there a way to improve The Rod Stewart? Normally these questions take years to answer (if ever), but everyone knows that we work fast. Introducing The Rod Stewart like you've never seen him before: jacked and ready to take on the heavyweight class.


  • Stainless SteelMaterial
  • 168mm (6.6in)Maximum Height
  • 26mm (1in)Maximum Width
  • M20x1.5mmTop Thread Size
  • 280g (0.62lbs)Weight


The Rod Stewart Pro
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All of our products are sold separately. Shift knobs, boot retainers, and reverse lockouts are not included.

The Rod Stewart is only compatible with Likewise shift knobs. Third-party shift knobs are not compatible.

Each vehicle will require one Likewise adapter. A second adapter is not required to fit a Likewise shift knob to a Likewise extension.

Actual colours may vary. Colour fade may occur if exposed sunlight and high UV conditions. Products are intended for show use only.

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