Works Bell RapFix GTC

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After the ever-popular release of our ATC steering wheels, there was always one question that needed answering: “what is the best way to attach a Likewise steering wheel?”. At the level of quality that we expect from all of our products, there was only one answer: Works Bell.

The harmonious relationship between ATC and Works Bell has been considered a high-end standard in motorsport for well over a decade. Both companies are widely renowned as the best in their class for performance products. It was for this reason that Works Bell was the only choice when it was time to begin manufacturing.

Since its launch, the patented ball-lock system used in the RapFix GTC has become the pinnacle of a steering wheel tilt-up action. Works Bell have spent years of testing, ensuring safety compliance through leading industrial tests and scenarios. The result is the most convenient and reliable tilt-up hub on the market, allowing a full 90 degree tilt with an easily-operated action.

In true Likewise style, we didn't stop here. This new partnership with Works Bell means our RapFix GTC isn't like any other. Our RapFix GTC is the ONLY version to feature our signature Sizzurp colour and is completely exclusive to Likewise. You will not find this colour on any other RapFix GTC, ever.

Material: Duralumin
Weight: 516g
PCD: 70mm or 74mm

Hub adapter/boss kit and steering wheel not included.


["MATERIAL || DURALUMIN","WEIGHT || 516G","PCD || 70MM \/ 74MM"]


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Works Bell RapFix GTC
Universal Product

Works Bell RapFix GTC
$480 USD